Enhance your tourism assets and helps create the perfect experience for your visitors

Whether you are a Mayor or Tourism Technician of a small municipality or a Minister of Tourism, what we offer is of interest to you if your objective is to present your destination as a EVERYTHING to present, guide and help achieve the best tourism experience for your visitors.

What you can do and how

We are specialists in technology for tourist destinations, both software, audiovisual and hardware. See below for details

On Software and Audiovisual you can create with us:

  • A tourist website
  • A app of routes or a specific route, or a guided tour in museums, on Android and iOS
  • Augmented Reality for promotional videos and for embedding in an app or virtual glasses
  • Photogrammetry for monumental buildings or for sculptures or emblematic objects to be displayed in 3D
  • Virtual Reality: to offer on a website, app and in virtual glasses
  • 360° visits: to offer on a website and in an app
  • Artificial Intelligence: we do it in our app for routes
  • Reserve managersA web-based platform will allow your visitors to book a reservation
  • Interactive content touch screens: 2D or 3D
  • Content with actors for living canvases - historical figures having a conversation
  • Internal or external tourism management systems: in the website dashboard you will have statistics of all your visitors.
  • SEO: you will have your website ready for Google to index and show you to the world.
  • Management of Social Media: to give all of the above the visibility it deserves
  • Support in the presentation and project launch technological press and Social Media.

On Hardware

  • Interactive displays indoor or outdoor - tactile totem poles, tactile lecterns, tactile tables, living canvases

  • Virtual glasses and your content - AR and VR content, which will fascinate everyone who visits you.

  •  Museum ticketing systems - online sale through a touch screen with dataphone

  • In addition to the supply of lecterns for placement of NattuCodes for downloading content or location codes

All the "manufacturing" of these developments and the content is carried out 100% by the NattuAR team (programming, AI, AR, VR, Social Media, Audiovisual adapted to technological developments, video and audio guides, accessibility functions with sign language, tutorials, photogrammetry, living canvases, totems or reservation systems).

No limits

In technological developments for tourist destinations, we have no limits, from indoor developments (museum, tourist office, tourist site) or exterior (municipality, natural parks, provinces, countries) at the level of a municipality or town, region or community or country as a whole.

Our star product

NattuAR Integral Tourist

It covers all the technology (Web + App + AI + Augmented Reality + Virtual Tour + Audiovisual + Totéms + Lecterns). 

In it we document the highlights of the tourist destination, its interior (museum or monuments) and exterior (route or routes, accommodation, activities, places to eat, municipality or region) and we take it to a software and this to a hardware. Oh, we do not forget our public of functional diversity.

Here is a visual summary

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Check out these projects NattuAR Integral Turístico

Many examples of our work can be seen here. We show you the highlights.

Federico García Lorca Museum

Website with booking system + Virtual tour + Museums App + Augmented reality models of Lorca and Margarita Xirgú + audio guides + video guides + sign language + totem for dataphone bookings + lecterns and Nattucodes supply.

The Mengíbar Action

Living Canvases + Web + 3D Tour + touch table with 2D animation + supply of 2 screens for the living canvases

The Conde Duque de Olivares route

App + Augmented reality models of historical figures and objects + animated content + audio guides + video guides + web + 3-stop 360 tour + professional videos + touch screen

Alanís integral

App with the most outstanding routes of the municipality with artificial intelligence system of recommendations according to interests + website + promotional videos + augmented reality of monuments + 3 totems with information about the municipality.

What about the benefits of the NattuAR Integral service?

There are many, here are the highlights

Improved tourism promotion
You will reach more people. Your website and mobile app will give you more online presence, bring consistency to your destination and make it more attractive as a quality destination.

Increased accessibility to the destination
The app and website allow tourists to obtain information about the municipality and tourist sites at any time and place, which increases accessibility.

Universal accessibility, for all
Anyone with visual or hearing impairments will have access to the content worked on by the municipality.

Enriching experience
Augmented reality (AR) of monuments or historical figures and virtual tours (VR) allow tourists to have a more enriching and engaging experience when visiting the municipality, improving their satisfaction and loyalty.

Data analysis
With the integration of artificial intelligence (AI), data on tourists and their behaviour can be collected and analysed, allowing for the adjustment of the tourism offer and improved efficiency.

Improved management
The integrated tourism system will help the municipal administration to improve the management of its resources based on visitor statistics, which will increase the efficiency of its management through measurement, analysis and possible improvements.

Interaction with tourists
Interactive totems and the app allow tourists to interact with the tourist and get information more easily and quickly.

Increased visibility 
The NattuAR Integral products increase the visibility of the tourism product and of the municipality in general as a tourist destination, which can attract more tourists.

Experiencia futurista
La integración, en general, de la tecnología en el NattuAR Integral Turístico brinda a los turistas una experiencia tecnológica única y moderna.

Increased revenues in local businesses
The NattuAR Integral Turístico helps to exponentially increase the municipality's tourist income and improves its local economy.

Check out the testimonials from some of our customers

House-Museum of Lorca and Bernarda Alba

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Alba Ruiz, Valderrubio Tourism Technician

Conde Duque de Olivares Route

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Alberto Delgado, Olivares Tourism Technician

Alanís integral

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María, Tourism Technician of Alanís


How can I do a project with you?

It's easy. Just contact us via WhatsApp and we will schedule a meeting to discuss your project.

Do you work with public administrations?

It is our speciality. We tender for public contracts on a weekly basis and it's what we like best. If you are a technician of a Public Administration and you want us to help you to plan a project to present it for a subsidy, do not hesitate to contact us and we will be happy to help you.

How much are your services worth?

It depends on the size of the project. There are all kinds and we cover a wide spectrum. We adapt well to any type of technological project. The price is decided by the effort, investment and experience we put into your project.

What is artificial intelligence applied to tourist routes?

It consists of the deployment of a recommendation system and the creation of intelligent routes based on the traveller's tastes, profiles and needs, as well as the variables of the destination.

How do you do smart route and route planning?

We developed an intelligent mobility tool that through interactive tours allows users to locate tourist points related to their preferences and needs. The routes are generated automatically and customised for each person, moment and circumstance.


The route created is the optimal result of a route calculation engine that takes into account different variables such as the traveller's tastes and needs, existing resources (museums, temples, monuments, nature, shops, gastronomy, cultural agenda...), trends, ratings, duration of the visit, time available to visit the destination, opening hours, prices, means of transport or accessibility.


The routes created are painted on the map and contain points of interest visualised with numbers that indicate the order of the visit according to the opening hours, so that the traveller does not miss anything, and by colours that indicate the different themes. The resulting maps are interactive and allow the traveller to zoom in, zoom out and click on any resource, obtaining a preview of it.

Do they film with drones and do 360° virtual tours?

That's right, we have an ultrasonic drone that allows us to take some impressive shots of the place in question, as well as ground-based 360 cameras that "sweep" everything in their path.

And photogrammetry and augmented reality, what is that?

With photogrammetry we can replicate in augmented reality any object, building or landscape and display it in an augmented reality App.


But not only that, we do character animations in augmented reality, creating a story from scratch. We have done it many times and the results are extraordinary.

Do you make video and audio guides and do you also voice them with actors and in other languages, and also in sign language?

Yes, and with incredible results. Just take a look at some of our work. We are also specialists in technological accessibility. As you can see, we are a one-stop shop.

What about booking tickets, accommodation or activities?

We also set up an online payment and booking system adapted to your characteristics. With www.nattule.com and ecoturismoandaluz.com we learned a lot about this.

Do you make promotional videos for any destination?

Of course we do, and we do it very well. Including every detail and every drop of emotion that the destination requires.

You work with trade routes and tourist routes, and also with museums, right?

That's right. We already have a few projects behind us with this type of content and the result could not be more satisfactory. Look at Valderrubioenlorca.com, rutacondeduqueolivares.com or turismoguadalcanal.com, they are just a small example.

And one more thing, now that interactive displays, totems and all kinds of hardware displays are in vogue, do you also take care of this?

Yes, we also cover the supply of such hardware components, which complete a project of extreme quality.

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